Harassment Prevention Training May Expand to All 22,000 City Employees

A new legislation proposed by Sup. London Breed would mandate that harassment prevention standards be raised for all employees of S.F., not just managers and supervisors.


Report: Lyft Wants in on the Scooter Business

Lyft has reportedly been lobbying San Francisco officials to let them cash in on the current scooter-mania with their own fleet.



Meet Your Makers

Making its way back for the 13th year, the ‘Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth’ Maker Faire brings more than a thousand works to San Mateo this weekend.


Listen to the Voice of God — Actually, Leonard Cohen — at Fraenkel Gallery

"Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller: THE POETRY MACHINE & Other Works" turns an organ into an instrument for playing the musician's gruff timbre.



Dark Crimes

Jim Carrey as a grizzled Polish detective investigating sex crimes is even less fun than you think.



Beastliness is in the eye of the beholder.