The Rehabilitation of George W. Bush Is Gross and Has to Stop

The urge to praise anyone, however terrible, who criticizes Donald Trump has yielded some pathetic results.


Warriors Debut Jerseys with Awful Advertising

What in the heck is a Rakuten? Who knows, but the new NBA jerseys with ads on them are literally being ripped to pieces.



Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz Headline UCSF Benefit on Nov. 7

MC Hammer and perform at the afterparty, too, so if you've got a grand to spare, this is the place.


Broken Social Scene Has the World Hug Back

The Canadian indie-rock collective fell to the wayside after its early 2000s heyday, but they return to the Fox this Thursday, Oct. 26 — with anthems intact.



Blackness, Religion, and Angry Republicans, at Uncharted, The Berkeley Ideas Festival

Founder Lance Knobel and co-curator Helena Brantley note dryly that organizers for similar events simply Google "most interesting speakers for your festival.”


This Was the Wait to See a $100 Million Painting

Twice lost to history, and valued at only $100 as recently as the 1950s, Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvator Mundi" goes to auction next month.