(Francisco Anzola)

How to Talk to Teen Boys When Donald Trump Tweets

As the election approaches, we must remind young boys that how they treat girls and women will define who they are as citizens.



The War Over Weed

The legalization of recreational pot promises to spark a clash between growers and environmentalists.


(Photograph by Isabel Dresler/

Whore Next Door: Not Up For Debate

Let's Eat Michael Weinstein for Breakfast.


Double Angel, 1991/2004. By Bruce Conner. (Courtesy of Anglim Gilbert Gallery)

Negative Trend Chaser

Eight years after his death, two shows tackle the legacy of Bruce Conner, inventor of the music video.


Tonkotsu deluxe ramen at Himawari in San Mateo

Friday Eight: Safeway’s Stashing the Booze

Plus Black Cat goes crazy for Halloween, The Ramen Bar has a happy hour that's about as cheap as it gets, and ruh-roh Soylent.


Brunchpad Bloody Mary (The Lunchpad)

Thursday Nine: The Lunchpad Expands Its Brunch

Plus the Tonga Room adds new cocktails, Big Soda drops $20 mil to fight Prop V, and Brooklyn's Alamo Drafthouse bar is full of medical abnormalities.