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(Photo by Jay Duret)

Dispatches From D.C.: Big Speeches & Tiny Hands on Inauguration Day

SF Weekly’s Jay Duret reports on the sights and sounds of the inauguration of President Trump.


Jessica Christian/SF Examiner

A Tip Sheet for Joining the Trump Protests

From making signs to securing your smartphone to getting a lawyer on the fly, here’s how to get prepared before you hit the streets.


(Photo by Africa Studio / Shutter Stock)

If You Just Can’t Take It, Here’s How to Get Out

If you've decided the United States can no longer be your home, you won't be alone.



How to Give Back to the Community

Bay Area organizations need our help more than ever. Here are the ones poised to make the biggest difference.



Toni Erdmann

A three-hour German comedy that's worth your time.



The Ardennes

Daily humiliations at the car wash in this tale of working-class angst.