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All Dressed Up With No One to Fight

What happens when an alt-right rally's attendees arrive ready to fight, but their opponents don't show?


Hire Calling

As some S.F. restaurants feel squeezed by labor costs, others thrive through socially conscious hiring practices.



You Can Buy Shel Silverstein’s Old Houseboat

The Sausalito houseboat, listed at $390,000, is actually located where a sidewalk ends.


Rolling Over Easy With Sequoia and The Early Bird

A Thursday morning community radio show has drawn a cult-like following in its pursuit to "take you from under the covers until after coffee."



The Hotel Del Sol Can’t Contain the stARTup Art Fair

This year, it's got more performances piece than ever, plus 53 hotel rooms full of striking visual art


Jim Jones: Peoples Person

The Road to Jonestown deftly chronicles the life and times of the Rev. Jim Jones, the delusional narcissist whose megalomania led to the mass suicide of 900 people in 1978.



Voice from the Stone

The second riff on Rebecca in two months, Eric D. Howell's film gets a little icky with the nudity.


David Lynch: The Art Life

We're thrilled about the return of Twin Peaks, but this documentary about Lynch has limited appeal.