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Sen. Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Presidential Run

The former San Francisco district attorney could take her barrier-breaking career to the White House, but may first have to answer for her prosecutorial career.


Hundreds of Union Workers Flood City Hall, Request it ‘Close the Gap’

Members of IFPTE Local 21 — which include our city engineers, utility workers, architects, and planners — say S.F. has been getting richer while its middle class gets smaller.



Don’t Forget to Lose Your Shit on Sunday, with the Super Blood Wolf Moon

It's the last total lunar eclipse for a little over two years, and it takes place at the exact midpoint of the current administration's term in office.


All That Rain Hasn’t Dented the Incipient Drought — Yet

The high rainfall totals of the past 48 hours — including 2.4 inches in Downtown S.F. — should put a dent in the moderate drought that continues to grip three-quarters of California.



Eagle Plaza Is Happening, With a Mayoral Push

Four years in the making, the pedestrianized section of 12th Street between Harrison and Bernice streets is a centerpiece of the forthcoming Western SoMa Leather and LGBTQ Cultural Heritage District.


Shelters in Place: The Legacy of the Sea Ranch

SFMOMA examines a planned community with rigorous design principles that has thrived on the Sonoma coast for 50 years.