may 2
Choose Your Poison Here's the dilemma: You're attention starved. Your dinner companions start rolling their eyes the minute your mouth opens. They know you're about to go off on a 20-minute monologue about the time you crucified your sister. Here's the solution: Tuesday-night open mike at any of seven area cafŽs: The Blue Monkey's mike opens at 7 pm at 1777 Steiner, S.F., 929-7717; Caff Mediterraneum's starts at 7 pm at 2475 Telegraph, Berkeley, (510) 836-1246; Coffee Zone's starts at 7:30 pm at 1409 Haight, S.F., 863-2443; Cup a Joe's begins at 8 pm at 17th St & Sanchez, S.F., 487-9773; Edinburgh Castle starts with a featured reader at 8 pm at 950 Geary, S.F., 885-4074; Java Source hosts an "open shout" at 9:30 pm at 343 Clement, S.F., 387-8025; Java Supreme starts at 8 pm at 703 Guerrero, S.F., 206-1832; and the Luggage Store Annex has an alcohol- and smoke-free open mike open at 8 pm at 1007 Market,

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