So tell me, if, hypothetically, the largest portion of illegal immigrants were Asian or even white, would all these Hispanic communities be crying "Racism"? I think not. I am not some hard-line anti-immigrant xenophobe and would love to be able to help the whole world if I could, but the reality of things is that the state and fed are broke and can't seem to help their own citizens and you want us to help people that came here illegally? We have our own citizens homeless on the streets and starving below the poverty level, the public schools are a joke in the world community and our Social Security and Medicare systems are on the verge of financial collapse and you want us to pay for people that are not even citizens of this country? Get real.

I really don't care if the largest portion of illegal immigrants are Hispanic, Asian, black, white or Martian, I'm really getting sick of seeing one-third of my paycheck (not to mention 8.25 percent sales tax, and numerous other taxes) go into a pit and still see shabby public schools, homeless on the streets and a pathetic health-care system. I wouldn't care if all the illegal immigrants were Asian, I'm not paying for them.

As a final note, I think that this is just another example of how our society rewards people who don't follow the rules and work around the system. Suppose you went to a nightclub where you paid $10 and you got a T-shirt and a free drink. Then as you walked around, you saw a group of people who sneaked in the back door, and still got their T-shirt and free drink. Wouldn't you feel kind of shafted? In this country, it seems that too often we grant exceptions to people who do not follow the rules and processes and are not only not penalized for it, but benefit from it, leaving the rest of us who follow the rules feeling pretty frustrated by it since we end up paying for it all.

Ronald Ih
San Francisco
via the Internet

Improvement by Design
I couldn't help to notice in your Letters column recently the disparaging comments from some of your readers regarding your redesign. Though I'm not familiar with your old design since I have only been out here for a short time, I must say that I quite like your present design. It's snappy and contemporary. Despite one reader's criticisms, I do not find the choice of fonts jarring. Instead I find the design makes good use of the tabloid page, with the fat sans serif fonts bringing a nice balance to the page. The department heads are simple and interesting. On the whole, I find the paper quite easy to read because of the design, and coupled with good content, it makes for a great read.

Keep up the good work.
Scott H. Bray
San Francisco

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