We realize the difficulties and challenges of raising political funds for AIDS and have set a course to build an unprecedented political movement for AIDS through our telemarketing efforts. Simultaneously we have asked friends in San Francisco and other cities to make donations. Our individual donor program is our most cost-effective fund-raising method and is used to the maximum possible for candidate contributions. The simple fact is that we need to use both methods in order to meet today's challenges and future needs.

Unlike other political action committees, AIDS PAC is a nonconnected PAC. We are legally responsible for all of our own expenses. We must raise enough funds to pay for all administrative and fund-raising expenses, as well as the contributions to candidates, often a process of many years. In our first cycle, AIDS PAC has become the 15th largest nonconnected PAC in the country. No. 14 is none other than Newt Gingrich's GOPAC.

From the start, our goals have also included building a national grass-roots political organization that will demonstrate to political leaders that fighting AIDS must be a major national priority. We believe our PAC should not just be about money for candidates. We have worked to educate American voters and the political community on the HIV/AIDS crisis. However, the opportunity to educate and organize voters is a key to our success. Our efforts have been so successful that we have established a national base of 20,000 supporters from every state in the union and made significant contributions in 1994. We are proud of our success and the dramatic fact that we have reached nearly a quarter-million Americans in calls designed to help build AIDS awareness and increase voter involvement. We will continue to support candidates who support a strong government response to the AIDS crisis.

Donita Buffalo
American AIDS Political Action Committee
Washington, D.C.

In "Bite Your Tongue" (Bay View, May 17), SF Weekly misspelled the name of Roxie Cinema programmer Elliot Lavine.

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