Scopitone Hysteria See French kitten Sylvie Vartan twist and pout her way through "Twist and Shout." See Johnny Halliday -- France's answer to Elvis Presley -- shimmy around in tight pants in front of a smirking woman. See Dion light up a smoke in a flying plane (ah, those were the days) as he sings "Ruby Baby," then see him roll open a window without being sucked out to his death. See the mega-talented Exciters live up to their name with "He's Got the Power." See the anti-talent that is Jody Morgan be upstaged by cardboard scenery in "Queen of the House." See the very butchy and very underrated Leslie Gore confess her love to a bespectacled "Wonder Boy." See all this and more as Sam Wasserman and Wade Wright unveil another program of Scopitones -- film versions of pop songs made long before video killed the radio star. The jukebox jive begins at 7 and 9:15 p.m. at the Roxie, 3117 16th St, S.F. Tickets are $6; call 863-1087.

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