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Jordan vs. Jordan:
Candidate Promises, Citizen Mayor Delivers?
During the 1991 campaign, Candidate Jordan chortled in the press release that announced endorsements from the African-American community that "You know that I will not appoint some out-of-towner to head the Redevelopment Agency. In fact, when I become mayor, I will fire David Gilmore and appoint a San Franciscan to head the Housing Authority."

Flash-forward to Mayor Jordan, who brought in out-of-towner Clifford Graves in 1993 to head the Redevelopment Agency. Graves was so much an out-of-towner that his San Francisco Redevelopment Agency contract allowed him to continue simultaneously in his post as a member of the San Diego Port Commission and to also run his San Diego business during his "off hours."

In 1994, Jordan finally kept his promise to force out Housing Authority leader David Gilmore, but immediately broke his promise to hire a San Franciscan to head the agency. Instead, he demanded the commission hire Felipe Floresca, who had lived in New York City, Washington, D.C., and other points east of the Mississippi, but never San Francisco. Jordan was so adamant that Floresca be hired that he swore in a new commissioner to provide a pivotal "aye" for Floresca just hours before the vote took place.

Next week: Jordan on the 911 system.

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