The best way for the American government to discourage immigration is to take an activist role in dealing with Third World governments. Adopt a carrot-and-stick approach that ties further investment and foreign aid to advances in human rights. Only then will the demand for U.S. citizenship decline. I don't think putting corporate shareholders in prison for the audacious crime of wanting to make money will do the trick.

Henry Schulman

Mail Brawl
I have followed with some amusement the recent flurry of letters in response to Tim Kenneally's Engine 88 review. What's with you guys? Never have I seen such an outcry over a mediocre local band. I'm beginning to think Tom Barnes has more friends than Bill Clinton.

So, "Christina," you expect us to believe that you read Kenneally's review, decided it probably didn't do the band justice, and then, based on that, decided to go to their show ... that night? All the way from San Bruno? Yeah, right. And as far as "giving local boys a break," sure it's great to promote local bands, but thankfully SF Weekly doesn't kiss asses just because they advertise their shows and merchandise.

Mr. "Jeff McCampbell" states that Tom Barnes is one of the best lyricists in the city and on vinyl anywhere. What a gift for hyperbole! He assails the critic for having "the nerve to attempt to dissect [Tom's] lyrics." And then he has the gall to tell Kenneally, one of San Francisco's finest music writers, to get out of the music business. Sorry Jeff, I'd rather read Tim's drivel than yours.

Hey, Tom, tell your friends to stop writing. If they can't prevent themselves, I suggest they join Amnesty International and put the paper to good use. I'm tired of taking the time to read about you. By the way, kudos to the Weekly for starting to slowly crawl your way up from the depths you had sunk to.

Robyn Wright
San Francisco

Caller ID
Are either James Sullivan or Sia Michel aware that Blondie's "Hanging on the Telephone" was written by Plimsoul Peter Case (Samples, 5/31)? Is there a fact-checker position open at SF Weekly?

And as for "How Long Will It Take?" being "a fitful commentary on the Icarus-like ascendancy of [Case's] band's first go-round" -- excuse me? Was this a rock show or an exhibit at SFMOMA?

Bob Fagan
San Francisco

James Sullivan Replies: "Hanging on the Telephone" was written by Jack Lee, Case's bandmate in the Nerves.

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