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Amputee-fetishists, called "devotees," hold several annual get-togethers, to which amputees are invited, all expenses paid. Your reader should check out discussions on the Internet newsgroup to get in touch with the larger community.

Above the Knee
Hey, ATK: I checked out the newsgroup on the Internet and, frankly, it wasn't all that interesting: an ad for a hand lotion that supposedly kills HIV, a non-amputee-specific pitch from a company organizing a mail-order-bride excursion to the Philippines (now that's creepy), and a few dullish postings from amp-fans, including one from a guy complaining that a picture sent over the net of an "amputee" was actually a bad airbrush job. Has anyone else noticed how even the most outlandish stuff becomes crushingly dull when filtered through the Internet?

Fascination does hold an annual get-together for amputees and devotees. The '95 convention was the first week of June, and it was a big success: "It was our 11th annual meeting; we had 75 people. The convention was at the Ramada Inn, and it was wonderful." There were meetings, outings, and a dinner-dance. But do amputees really attend Fascination's convention all-expenses-paid? "Yes," says Bette, "including travel expenses."

Amputee fans can write Fascination at PO Box 34265, Chicago, IL 60634. Or call Bette at (312) 583-3949. And, hey: Any amputees interested in a free trip to Chicago for Fascination's '96 convention should call right away.

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