The War Womb (Part II)

For every direct action against an abortion clinic staged by Operation Rescue, expect an equal and opposite reaction by the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights.

"That image, that this is two sides of the same coin," Weide says. "It's just ridiculous."

Plus, Feminist Majority hasn't even called to ask how they're doing. "My sisters are high-fiving because of me getting the shit kicked out of me," McEwen says, letting her voice rise to make the statement at least seem like a question. The betrayal still stings.

"You just don't lie to a group on the same side," says Weide.
But if the result of L.A. is that BACORR is being lumped in - literally - with Operation Rescue, does that mean their tactics might be hurting the movement?

"What I got arrested for," says McEwen, "is that they grabbed my friend and she had a dislocated shoulder and I tried to help her. And if that m>R>akes me bad for the movement, I'm sorry, that's the way it's going to be."

So it's on to L.A. They've started a legal defense fund. They're calling a pre-arraignment press conference and trying to gauge the clash potential of a meeting there with Operation Rescue, which just might be assigned to the very same courtroom.

Like the war itself, it is not what they would have asked for. But it could make for a beautiful demo.

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