It also seems possible that Housing Authority officials are seeking to discredit the actions of Rahim and the tenants for reasons other than their benevolent concern for residents, such as a desire to retain control of Bernal Dwellings and the money allocated for the property, which helps to ensure their salaries. They may also have an interest in the property value of the land where Bernal Dwellings is located.

None of these possibilities is taken up by Bush. Instead, he offers only one narrow point of view about Rahim, the Tenant Association, and who is acting in the best interest of the residents at Bernal Dwellings, and he does so without much factual evidence to make his case. Perhaps in the future a more complex and open-minded analysis of public-housing issues might be offered.

Charles Williams
National People's Campaign
San Francisco

The Plot Sickens
I had the pleasure of viewing Wayne Wang's new film, Smoke, at the San Francisco International Film Festival, and after reading Paul Reidinger's review ("Into the Haze," June 14), I must admit that I'm relieved that I had already seen it.

Reidinger did not so much write a review of the film as he did an elementary plot synopsis. I'm not even sure if he did see the film, or if in a deadline haste simply asked one of his classmates what he had missed. I can't quite decide what irritates me more -- a preview trailer that shows too much of a movie, or a critic who gives a book report.

My condolences are with the people who hadn't seen the film and inadvertently read Reidinger's article. Wang's film does not hinge on plot alone, but anyone reading Reidinger might naturally assume that it does. He has spoiled some of the film's tiny pleasures by regurgitating too much storyline and too little of the cinematic experience. And for those of us who have already seen the film, Reidinger ranks with the best of those writers who have that amazing ability to turn a work of art into another Cliffs Notes experience.

Jimmy Schmidt
San Francisco

"Conscientious Injectors" (June 28) misidentified the denomination of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church.

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