Candidate Promises, Citizen Mayor Delivers?

As a candidate, Jordan vociferously criticized then-Mayor Art Agnos and the Board of Supervisors for supporting humanitarian values in U.S. policy, including sanctuary for those fleeing foreign terrorist governments. "As Mayor, I intend to veto any and all resolutions which do not relate directly to solving the problems of San Francisco. This city does not need a foreign policy. What it needs is responsible government," stated Jordan in his position papers.

As mayor, Jordan has imagined himself San Francisco's secretary of state. During a visit to Beijing, he announced that he would push for the U.S. to continue most favored nation status for the PRC, and praised hard-liner Jiang Zemin, one of those who ordered the Tiananmen Square massacre, by saying, "I liked his style." Recently, Jordan called for the White House to normalize relations with Vietnam, then praised President Clinton for taking that step. "Once again, San Francisco has taken the lead in the nation for championing progressive international policy," stated Jordan in a July 11 press release. "It is only fitting that the leadership in Washington, D.C., follow our City's footsteps in establishing relations with the people of Vietnam." Say, what?

Next week: Jordan on "Anything Goes.

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