We ended the evening at Smiley's. After the staff moved the pool tables, an English rock band played some really great music. We hoped to dance, but we were intimidated by a local couple who seemed to set the style on the dance floor. The woman seemed to be doing the Dance of the Seven Veils, while her male partner flapped his arms and hopped from one foot to the other. We knew we could not compete.

As we retreated back to Stinson Beach for the rest of a peaceful weekend, fog and mist enveloped Bolinas behind us and it was again enshrouded in the zone of twilight.

Julian Klugman

Pave Paradise, Put Up an Article
I am writing in regard to Ellen McGarrahan's condescending, mean-spirited, and shallow attack on what is one of the most incredible communities in the country. You believe that you can understand Bolinas by reading a government census and talking to a real estate broker. So many people in Bolinas distrust and do not cooperate with the government that even you should know what a total waste of time that would be. Not to mention that lots of people live in alternative types of structures that wouldn't be recognized by the government as viable housing anyway. Yes, we have a shortage of affordable housing, but the same problem is rampant in San Francisco, Berkeley, Mill Valley, New York, L.A., etc. What you ignored are our local attempts to address the problem, i.e., the Bolinas Community Land Trust Commission.

This brings up the most infuriating aspect of your trite exposŽ. I am not aware of anyone in Bolinas who goes around thinking that they are living in the '60s or the '70s. I am not old enough to have been part of what took place here then, although of course I have read Orville Schell's book and it's beautiful. My point is that no one would expect, or even want, everything to be exactly as it was then because there exists e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n. You didn't talk to a single person in Bolinas under 40! (OK, except Alex, 32.) Which forces me to conclude that the accomplishments of the younger generation here were ignored by you because it wouldn't support your thesis that we are all losers.

Finally, I feel it was incredibly insulting of you to print a beautiful poem by Asia Thorpe for the sole reason of dismissing its contents. It was, in fact, the only piece of informed literature in your entire piece. Shame on you.

Don't come back.
Kate Lawrence

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