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If you have any information on social organizations that introduce cross-dressers to the women who love them, please send it to me. Vermont gets cold!

Hey, DF: Attempting to track down an organization in Vermont, I turned to several national TV/TS publications. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a social organization in your state for cross-dressers and the women who love them, but you may find these publications helpful.

The best of the lot is Tapestry Journal, published four times a year by the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE). Subscribers get a free personal ad -- no, there's no extra charge to run a photo. Any ads from Vermont? "We got three, one with a picture," said Holly Cross, an IFGE volunteer who answered the phone when I called. "But there just aren't a lot of cross-dressers in Vermont." While there isn't a club in your state, you aren't living in a cross-dressing desert either: "The Sunshine Club [based in Hadley, Mass.] is hosting a social weekend September 8 and 9 in Warren, Vermont," Holly informed me. "We're going up there to get together for meals, events, and parties." Is Holly a cross-dresser? "Oh, yeah; everybody here is something. Accept for one girl -- a secretary -- who comes in for the money."

For more information about the Sunshine Club's upcoming weekend in Vermont, or to subscribe to Tapestry Journal, call the IFGE at 1-617-899-2212 or write to IFGE Inc., PO Box 229, Waltham, MA 02154-0229.

Other cross-dresser publications and contact mags: TV Connection, published six times a year by DM International, PO Box 16188, Seattle, WA 98116, news, info, personals; Cross-Talk, "The Transgender Community News & Information Monthly," PO Box 944, Woodland Hills, CA 91365, columns, dishy articles, no personals; TV Sexcapades, published by Ground Zero, PO Box 7575, Laverne, CA 91750, low-rent, fly-by-night production values, to-the-point sex ads.

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