The Last Homeless Story

Are there long-term solutions to this problem?

"I think the time has come to go to the major corporations downtown and say, 'You got the government you want, we want $10 million from the corporate community to help us build affordable housing,' " he says. "The money has to come from somewhere."

Well, that should be possible, other advocates say.
"We are the richest fucking country in the world, and we should be able to treat people decent," says Paul Boden, coordinator at the Coalition for Homelessness. In the early '80s, Boden himself was homeless. "The shit that is working is never talked about. It's more long-term. What you have to do is community-based development and permanent housing."

But Boden, for one, doesn't like the idea that people who live out-of-doors are inherently different from people who sleep in beds.

"What right do you have because I'm homeless and poor to assume that I'm fucked up?" he says. "If you're not focusing on education, employment, treatment, and housing, you shouldn't be in the fucking business.

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