"Where to eat after midnight," proclaims the cover of the Sept. 20 San Francisco Bay Guardian. Inside, the article is headlined "After Midnight" and is illustrated three times with photos from Enrico's -- which closes weeknights at 11 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday the joint stays open only until midnight. ... Roberta Achtenberg has at least one secret admirer in the city. On Sept. 17, SF Weekly received via fax a pro-Achtenberg letter to the editor. Both the letterhead and the faxed-induced type at the top of the letter said that it was from "John Davis" and included his phone number. But contacted by phone, Davis denied sending the fax, which poses the question: Who would go to the silly bother of changing a fax machine's name and phone ID in hopes of planting a pro-Achtenberg letter?

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