But to do so, they'd need to get over their precious tunnel-vision view of the gay world, dictated by the city's own Thought Police. Not all gay people are liberal; some are pro-life; many find the word "queer" as despicable as the famous n-word; many don't patronize phone-sex lines or "escort services"; many don't do drag; and, yes, some are even Republicans. We're as diverse as the general population, and we have only one thing in common: our sexual orientation. Everything else is open to debate.

Chris Thomas, Publisher
San Jose

No Free Parking
Regarding Jo Hirschmann's letter ("Move Along," Oct. 11), wherein she states, "He [Mayor Frank Jordan] has unleashed a campaign of police harassment and intimidation against residents of Golden Gate Park": residents of Golden Gate Park!

The only aspect of Mayor Jordan's Matrix program I unequivocally support is the sweeps minimizing the number of "residents" in Golden Gate Park. The park is under lots of stress just from the proper use of its thousands of daily visitors; it cannot and should not be further burdened with "residents."

Absolutely no one should ever be allowed to be a "resident" of Golden Gate Park. It is sacred ground, a special place for all San Franciscans.

Peter Joe Sanchez
San Francisco

Comic Relief
Thank you for your coverage of Paul Mavrides' case against the California Board of Equalization ("The Difference Between Comics and Literature," Bay View, Oct. 4).

If your readers want to know how they can fight this injustice, they can attend the CBLDF benefit reading Oct. 31 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater. Mavrides, Sandman author Neil Gaiman, Cerebus creator Dave Sim, and Minneapolis-based gothic folk duo the Flash Girls will all be on hand to raise money and awareness for Mavrides' defense and the fight to protect the First Amendment rights of comic book professionals.

Susan Alston, Executive Director
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Northampton, Mass.

Editor's note: See Events listings in Calendar for particulars on the CBLDF benefit.

In "The Last Seduction" (Oct. 18), SF Weekly omitted acknowledgement of some of the historical information on Willie Brown that was culled from previously published works by Sacramento Bee reporter James Richardson, who is working on a Brown biography. The uncredited material was published in the Alicia Patterson Foundation Reporter last year.

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