The Professor of Punk

From the book Lipstick Traces to his new The Dustbin of History, Eat Bay critic Greil Marcus has revealed the secret history of pop culture

The Dustbin of History includes a segment on recently deceased Situationist Guy Debord, whom Marcus quotes as having said, "I wanted to speak the language of my century."

"That's not me," Marcus stresses. "I don't want to speak the language of Berkeley, and I don't want to speak the language of my generation. I want to listen more than speak."

Will his newfound thesis -- "how much history can be communicated by pressure on a guitar string?" as his Dustbin jacket puts it -- inform all of Marcus' writing from here on out?

"Oh, no," he smiles. "I think I'll still be able to write on as trivial and meaningless a level as I ever have, when the occasion calls for it.

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