The scariest thing in the world is a reformed politician, especially a Zen Buddhist reformed politician like Jerry Brown, sounding off in the winter Whole Earth Review. Sez Brown, "I came to see the [Democratic] Party as essentially a money laundry and discount bulk-mailing permit broker for incumbent politicians and Potemkin Village foil for the manipulation of democratic institutions." ... Might got jilted by its printer for issue No. 11 because the printer objected to the sexually explicit content of the mag's feature on "The Moment" -- about the decision-making behind using a condom. David Boyer of San Francisco's Q Action, who works on AIDS prevention and education, calls the printer's action a "wake-up call" for S.F. residents, who rarely encounter such narrow-mindedness outside this sexual utopia. "It shows that it's not just advertisers you have to worry about, but printers, too," he says. Happily, Might found another printer for the issue. ... Deep Tout's guide to the supervisorial hopefuls, showcased last week, needs an addendum: It is Linda Alioto who is a potential candidate, not Angela. Tout's guide is now on the Web (

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