All You Can Eat k.d. lang's new LP, All You Can Eat, is scientifically sexy; it never quite matches the looser, languorous appeal of 1992's Ingenue. ("Constant Craving" is a fantastic song about how queer desire will never be killed.) Like many megatalents, lang is most appealing when she's hurt and vulnerable; her voice, especially live, is spine-chilling. She croons at 8 p.m. (Tuesday also) at the Paramount Theatre, 2025 Broadway, Oakland. Tickets are $45; call (510) 465-6400.

february 20
Hush Hush In the '80s, she had heavy MTV rotation playing a bleached-blonde (with one of those heinous hair tails beloved by American new-wavers) who embarrasses her abusive asshole boyfriend by singing at some hoity-toity function. The video was "Voices Carry," the group was 'Til Tuesday, and the singer was Aimee Mann. 'Til Tuesday's second LP was super-good, but no one bought it. Since then, Mann has put out a bunch of clever-clever solo pop efforts in the vein of ex-husband Jules Shear. She's had one more hit -- but it was a track on the Melrose Place soundtrack. (Music for thinking about Sydney and Kimberly.) You can hear her (along with Semi-Sonic and 3 Day Wheelie) at 8 p.m. at Slim's, 11th Street & Harrison, S.F. Tickets are $12; call 255-0333.

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