Barry Bonds, for example, whines and bad-mouths his fans one moment, then panders to all America by selling autographs on QVC the next. Will I pay to watch the likes of him play? Guess.

Virginia Newhall

Liberal Letdown
I was extremely interested to learn of the Bay Area's contributions to the FCC complaint box ("Bitch, Bitch, Bitch," Feb. 7).

I was shocked to realize that much of the right-wing rhetoric we liberals detest is being spouted by our own! Finger-pointing, name-calling, and admonitions to bureaucrats to better regulate our airwaves are things I attribute to conservatives.

Asking for censorship of anyone's free speech, even those who spew the Republican agenda, is still censorship -- and censorship is against the fundamentals of liberal beliefs.

Monica Nulty
Upper Haight

I object to your cartoonist Derf's contention that women are incapable of making good toast (The City, Feb. 7). I am a woman, and I have been making excellent toast since I was a little girl. I used to put mayonnaise on it back then, until I realized how disgusting it was. Now I use crunchy peanut butter. I always get the toast just the right shade of tannish brown, and for your information, Mr. Man, if you put the spread on the instant the toast pops up, the steam will make it stick to the plate. What kind of heavenly snack sticks to the plate?! And another thing, I know plenty of women who can only make toast.

Jen Owen
Noe Valley

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