Everyone has to pay the bills and most writers would kill for a byline in a tony men's magazine, but that doesn't explain why local novelist Ethan Canin is rewriting San Francisco Chamber of Commerce travel brochures for the April Esquire. Canin devotes a half a page of text to the joys of Friday night Rollerblading, how best to enjoy the city's cuisine ("Stay away from restaurants with views"), and tips on sightseeing ("For God's sake, avoid Fisherman's Wharf"). ... Sen. Quentin Kopp was so enamored of the Proposition A critique in the March 6 SF Weekly ("Welcome to S.F. -- Give Us Your Money," Shafer) that he incorporated its findings, conclusions, and language into his Independent opinion piece. According to Kopp, he credited SF Weekly, but the editors deleted the attribution. ... Correction of the week, from the Nation: "In Alexander Cockburn's March 11 'Beat the Devil,' Anna Taylor was erroneously identified as a bookmaker. She is a typesetter."

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