Savage Love

I have been a devotee of rimming from that day since. Unfortunately, she and I went our separate ways (she was married). Ever since, I have been trying to find another woman who loved having her ass eaten out and would love to eat out my ass too. Some women I was with enjoyed having it done, others would pull away. Sometimes I was even lucky enough to have someone accommodate me for a little while, but they were never too crazy about it.

I think it's similar to the way oral-genital sex was viewed 30 years ago. I don't think "love my ass eaten out" is abnormal, as I think the anus is the most neglected erogenous zone on both males and females.

Love My Ass Eaten Out Too
Hey, LMAEOT: Thanks for writing.

Hey, Faggot: Recently, you ran a letter from a woman whose husband cheated on her with a "20-year-old bisexual" [May 15]. What difference does it make if the woman who slept with her husband is bisexual? Since she only uses it as a slur, and we know the woman in question sleeps with men, her use of "bisexual" in this case can only be construed as an extremely homophobic remark.

Tired of Bigots
Hey, TOB: She wasn't homophobic, she was biphobic. And so am I, so I let it slide.

Confidential to Bill Clinton and Antonin Scalia: Kiss my faggot ass. You first Mr. Clinton, for agreeing to sign the Defense of Marriage Act. And then you, Mr. Scalia, for your ridiculously hateful dissent on the striking down of Colorado's Amendment 2.

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