SFO3 1996

8 p.m. -- New Dealers are an eight-piece group that combines a jazzy sax rhythm with funky grooves and two rappin' MCs

9 p.m. -- Salamander are a unique brand of beats, bops, and bass lines that has been described as "endangered-species rock," "jazz polka," and "white boys drunk on funk"

10 p.m. -- Joint performs hard-edged, metal-infused hip hop
11 p.m. -- Pothole is a thrash-funk improvisational unit with members of TJ Kirk, the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, and the Pagan Love Orchestra

Midnight -- Broun Fellinis are a local jazz trio that covers a wide variety of musical vibes, from straight-ahead bop to improvisational surrealism to hip hop grooves; they have been nominated for four BAMMIES and are one San Francisco's forerunning jazz outfits

Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., 621-4455
9 p.m. -- Ibiza plays inventive rock 'n' roll that is dominated by sincere displays of naked emotion

10 p.m. -- Bimbo Toolshed offers the help of two trailer tramps and two virile studs to make you laugh at the world and walk away feeling cheap, easy, and ready for more; get ready to drink whiskey, steal cigarettes, and get thrown out of your local bar

11 p.m. -- Mensclub dig the "heavy shit" from the late '60s and early '70s like the MC5 and Grand Funk Railroad; Mensclub's music is pure adrenalin rock as proven on the group's highly acclaimed Bar/None release, Comin' to Take You Away

Midnight -- The Clarke Nova is dedicated to furious punk rock with sharp hooks and a heavy attack

2389 Mission, 550-7455
10 p.m. -- Masopust performs an avant-garde hybrid of tango, swing, and East European folk music

11 p.m. -- Action Plus is heavy listening, transistor noir, bad-mood music with beautiful women and shaved gentlemen; guitarist Joe Gore of PJ Harvey and Tom Waits fame joins with unidentified cohorts to fabricate sci-fi, spaghetti western, and spy-approved soundscapes

Cafe Du Nord
2170 Market, 861-5016
7 p.m. -- Granat/Moorehead Group performs innovative dinner jazz

10 p.m. -- Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers perform swinging blues and boogie from the '20s, '30s, and '40s; this is their weekly slot, which they have been smokin' since practically forever -- the Cocktail Nation just can't seem to get enough

Cat's Grill & Alley Club
1190 Folsom, 431-3332
9:30 p.m. -- Fallen Stars are a cross between Hanoi Rocks and the Damned; they perform glamorous, dark pop music for misanthropes who crave attention

10 p.m. -- Here We Burn picture Frank Sinatra and Sinead O'Connor dancing ballet to hardcore

10:30 p.m. -- Flexapleasers combine catchy pop hooks with blasting guitars and angry vocals that pay homage to everything they hate ... and they hate a lot; if you don't like them, they may be singing about you next

11 p.m. -- 187 Calm performs dark, menacing rock with an industrial edge

853 Valencia, 821-1891
"Free Matinee"
6 p.m. -- The Desoto Reds
7 p.m. -- The Culprits perform dynamic, ferocious power pop

8 p.m. -- (the) Judybloom puts the power in pop; hear their fabulous cover of Ozzy's "Crazy Train" on their new CD, Zoe Goes Crazy

9 p.m. -- Chris von Sneidern is a pop singer/songwriter

Club 181
181 Eddy, 673-8181
11 p.m. -- Cheeseballs are a tremendous '70s disco and funk novelty act
Club Cocodrie
1024 Kearny, 986-6678
7:20 p.m. -- Simon Stinger performs hot-rod new wave for the next generation

8 p.m. -- Candy Planet "Like Echobelly: great melodic pop with heavy guitars and a charismatic, intelligent frontwoman." -- Soundcheck

8:40 p.m. -- Red Letter Day performs shiny brilliant pop
9:20 p.m. -- Trampoline performs rock with a modish flair; it's Bob Dylan hanging with the Replacements

10 p.m. -- Semideluxe performs edgy pop songs soaked in a laid-back R&B sound that is heavily influenced by rare groove

10:40 p.m. -- Mockingbirds sound like Steve McQueen on the beach at sunset, only louder

11:20 p.m. -- Dragonfly
Midnight -- Clowns it's rock 'n' roll served up hot and creamy; they make the most beautiful balloon-animal penises ever; come see what the bidding war is about

12:40 a.m. -- Leadbelly plays straight-ahead rock 'n' roll with a historical perspective on all that is most fun about punk rock

Coco Club
139 Eighth St., 626-2337
9 p.m. -- Milkduds

9:45 p.m. -- Hank Stram members met in a home for wayward boys where they began playing raw guitar rock à la the Stooges, but with harmony

10:30 p.m. -- Hissyfit is three cool, young kids playing punky, power-pop music that's a whole lot of fun

11:15 p.m. -- Stru Tural is a melody-oriented noise rock band disappointed with the San Francisco music scene

Midnight -- Me First blends chunky guitars, driving rhythms, and brash, intellectual lyrics; these women put a new spin on the indie-pop genre

DNA Lounge
375 11th St., 626-1409
9:30 p.m. -- Undercover S.K.A. is a crazy seven-piece comprised of several veteran players and a powerful horn section; their eclectic talents shine through slow, reggae pop to high-energy ska

Edinburgh Castle
950 Geary, 885-4074
5 p.m. -- "Uncle Ray's Jam Party" is hosted by an all-around Renaissance man who sang for Zircus, drummed for Alison Faith Levy, and is currently collaborating with Crack MC; this ought to be more fun than a pair of trousers full of ferrets

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