SFO3 1996

The Long & Winding Road
11:45 a.m. Media Room.
What is A&R and what does it mean to you? How are signing decisions made? How can a band break through into the world of the majors? Personal stories, general comments, industry predictions, and trends.

Moderator: John Coon (Modulus Music).
Panel: Mitch Brody (Manager, A&R: MCA), Hugo Burnham (Senior Director, A&R: EMI Music), Danny Goodwin (VP & General Manager A&R: Virgin Records); Julie Gordon (The Enclave), Judy Ross (Associate Director, A&R: Epic), Tim Sommer (A&R: Atlantic Records).

Take Me to the River ... and Maybe You Can Make Me Drink
1:30 p.m. Tapestry Room.
Otherwise known as "The Managers Panel." Traditionally one of SFO's most entertaining panels (are managers really frustrated performers?), you'll get answers to such questions as who needs a manager, when, where, and why; the difference between a manager and business manager; and what you are getting yourself into. All accompanied by a multitude of war (and peace) stories.

Moderator: Elliot Cahn (Cahn-Man, 510 Records).
Panel: Earl Barrington (Earl Barrington Management Group Inc.), Mick Brigden (Bill Graham Management), Nadine Condon (The Nadine Condon Co.), Chris Coyle (Industrial Management), Ron Laffitte (Senior VP, GM: Elektra).

Gimme an "S," Gimme an "O," Gimme an "N," Gimme a "G"
3-4:15 p.m. Tapestry Room.
Singers and songwriters muse. SFO3's first singer/songwriter panel. Performers discuss the impact of the business on their creativity, careers, and mental states, and offer suggestions about how to create in spite of "the rest of the story."

Moderator: Scott Mathews (producer, songwriter).
Panel: Michael Been, John McCrea, Chris von Sneidern, Patty Spiglanin, and more.

It's Only Rock & Roll, But Money Is What I Like
3-4:15 p.m. Media Room.
How to maximize your earning potential through such "alternative" income sources as voice-overs, sponsorships, soundtracks, corporate gigs, merchandising, and other specialized bookings.

Moderator: Susan Rabin (attorney).
Panel: Peter Berliner (Innovative Entertainment), Keta Bill (vocalist), Jeff Brandstetter (attorney, author of The Music Business Explained in Plain English), Eve Bregman (Creative Manager, Film & TV, Bug Music), Lisa Klein (L.K. Management), Barry Simons (Law Offices of Simons & Stein), Greg Sowders (Director of Creative, Warner-Chappell).

The End of Innocence
4:30-5:45 p.m. Tapestry Room.
Publishing and legal issues: Challenge your brain with a nuts-and-bolts panel on what publishing is, the most common legal questions and answers, clearance issues, and a raft of other arcane -- but important -- information.

Moderator: David Hirshland (Bug Music).
Panel: Al Evers (A Train Management), Linda Lorence (SESAC), Pat Lucas (EMI), Shari Saba (Warner-Chappell), Karen Soroka (Soroka Music).

Don't Touch That Dial: It's a Radio
4:30-5:45 p.m. Media Room.
Guest speakers from our sister convention (GAVIN's Alternative Boot Camp) do their best to explain what "format" means to bands at all stages of their careers, and where the radio scene is headed.

Moderator: Karen Glauber (VP, Post-Modern Editor, Hits).
Panel: Aaron Axelsen (Live 105), Tom Calderone (Jacobs Media), Laurie Gail (WFNX Boston), Jim McGuinn (WDRE Philadelphia), Paul Marszalek (KFOG San Francisco), Susie Tennant (Sub Pop), Ted Volk (Geffen Records).

The Killer Cocktail Party
Miss Pearl's Jam House
601 Eddy, 775-5267

6-8 p.m. -- The time-honored tradition returns in full force. Live performances by Virgin Records' Pluto and Zero Hour's Steve Wynn with special guests. This year, SFO3 will be mingling with the concurrent GAVIN Alternative Boot Camp. (Individual tickets available for $35.)

SFO3 by Night
Big Heart City
836 Mission, 777-0666/626-9444

9:15 p.m. -- Critical Mass is a four-piece, third-wave ska outfit with an aggressive style; they play high-energy dance music with jazz and rock influences

10 p.m. -- Fabulous Hedgehogs create a new sound by combining unorthodox instrumentation, writing style, humor, and arrangements with the more traditional roles cast by rock, jazz, bluegrass, R&B, and punk

11 p.m. -- Neosoreskin performs chaoskatweaky circus music that you can dance to

Midnight -- Mudsharks are a six-piece, progressive ska band who have built a strong following throughout the West and released two indie CDs

1 a.m. -- Jimmy 2 Times performs two-tone ska for the working man

Bimbo's 365 Club
1025 Columbus, 474-0365
"An Evening of Lounge"
9 p.m. -- ACME Rocket Quartet performs electro-lounge jazz
9:50 p.m. -- Gentlemen of Leisure are the nuttiest guys on campus

10:30 p.m. -- Hammond Cheese Combo's Steve Lucky serves up hot and greasy grooves with a side of cool

11:20 p.m. -- Mr. Lucky Experience performs arena-style lounge that plumbs popular culture for a freshly wound sound

12:10 a.m. -- Herb glorifies the grooviness of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

Blue Lamp
561 Geary, 885-1464
10 p.m. -- Johnny X 4 is a smokin' new trio that pumps out hard rockabilly riffs

11:30 p.m. -- Go Pound Salt was named the best power pop band around by BAM

1840 Haight, 387-2996
5 p.m. -- Link 80 performs classy hardcore, punk-rock ska that you can kickbox to

6 p.m. -- Hermaphrodaddys sound a bit like if Johnny Cash joined the Replacements and made a soundtrack for Smokey and the Bandit III

7 p.m. -- Vegas de Milo is what you get when the remainder of a tuba octet has a serious run-in with a bunch of cheap guitars; their song "That Asshole Bob" was a highly requested modern-rock favorite on Live 105

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