SFO3 1996

Moderator: Norm Kerner (producer, owner of Brilliant Studios).
Panel: Joe Chiccarelli (producer, engineer: American Music Club, Steve Wynn, Stan Ridgeway, Oingo Boingo, Dog's Eye View), Sylvia Massy (producer: Tool, Geto Boys, Danzig, Love & Rockets, Luscious Jackson), Mike Simpson (staff producer, DreamWorks/Dust Brothers), Philip Steir (producer, remixer: Consolidated, Grace Jones, Pete Townshend, Skold, Tori Amos), Jeffrey Wood (producer: Housemartins, Giant Sand, John Doe, Luka Bloom, Penelope Houston).

It's My Life & I'll Do What I Want (I Think) -- A Brown Bag Seminar
1-2 p.m. Tapestry Room. (Delicious lunch available in the Oak Bar.)
How we got here, why we stay here, where we want to be next, and the absolute impossibility of making sense of life in the music business.

Moderator: Deena Zacharin (attorney).
Panel: Aaron Axelsen (New Music Director, Live 105), Michael Bloom (Seismic Recording Co.), Hanna Bolte (Director of Publicity, BMI), Andie Brokaw (Treat & Release), Carol Burnham (Huge & Jolly PR), Jordan Kurland (David Lefkowitz/Figurehead Management).

Ouch! That Stove Is Hot -- A Brown Bag Seminar
1-2 p.m. Media Room.
Up-to-the-minute recording deal hot issues.

Panel: Michael A. Aczon (attorney), David Naggar (co-author of The Music Business Explained in Plain English), and more.

Finding Your Way in the Jazz & Niche Markets
2:15-3:30 p.m. Tapestry Room.
Find your way through the realms of jazz, acid jazz, improvisational, and vocal music. Find out how they've affected contemporary music marketing, promotion, radio, publicity, and the alternative world.

Moderator: Sep Ghadishah (Lipp Service Promotions; DJ on KUSF, KPFA, and at clubs).

Panel: Peter Apfelbaum (musician, Hieroglyphics Ensemble), Caspar Melville (DJ, event organizer, Associate Editor of On the One), Jason Olaine (jazz promoter, Yoshi's); Derk Richardson (San Francisco Bay Guardian), and Gino Robair (Rastascan Records).

And You Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here?
2:15-3:30 p.m. Media Room.
Booking, touring, managing for up-and-coming bands. How to build a grass-roots following, how and when to make a deal, what tour support is (and isn't), selling product on the road.

Moderator: Gregg Latterman (Aware).
Panel: Caroline Frye (Revolution Promotion & Management), Elliot Groffman (Grubman & Indursky), Ted Guggenheim (manager, Sherri Jackson), Ambrosia Healey (publicist, Dave Matthews Band), Bruce Solar (Absolute Artists), Larry Weintraub (VP, Artist Development/Artist Relations: A&M Records).

I Heard It Through the Grapevine
3:45-5 p.m. Tapestry Room.
Writers talk and talkers listen. Journalists, writers, chroniclers: what gets said, by whom, and why.

Moderator: Bill Wyman (Arts Editor, SF Weekly).
Panel: Gina Arnold (columnist, East Bay Express; author; free-lance writer), Josh du Lac (pop music writer, Sacramento Bee) Jackson Griffith (Senior Editor, writer: Pulse magazine), Johnny Ray Huston (San Francisco Bay Guardian), Billy Jam ("Hip Hop Slam," free-lance writer), Claudia Perry (San Jose Mercury News).

L.A.'s a Lonely Town: Indie Labels
3:45-5 p.m. Media Room.
Winding your way through the indie world. The players, the theorists, the idealists, the realists.

Moderator: Ray McKenzie (Zero Hour).
Panel: Jason Blaine (In-A-Minute Records), Mark Geller (co-author Tim Sweeney's Guide to Releasing Independent Records), Mark Maggi (Tower Records), Rob McDonald (The REP Co.), Molly Neuman (Lookout! Records), Steve Wilkison (Deja Disc).

Live 105 Hootenanny
Justin Herman Plaza
Steuart & Market (adjacent to the Hyatt Regency)
Noon-1 p.m. -- Live 105 presents a free concert with Yum Yum and Frente.

Hot Dog in the Fog Acoustic Jamboree
Tower Records parking lot
Columbus & Bay

2-4 p.m. -- Come join Tara Brennan and friends for an acoustic afternoon, a hot dog, and a beverage. Acoustic music provided by the Dangs, the Brilliantines, Jeff Bright & the Sunshine Boys, and more.

It's Brilliant!
Brilliant Studios
444 Natoma, 543-4262
3-6 p.m. -- Second Annual SFO3 Producers Reception

Get Toasted!
Toast Studios
1340 Mission, 864-8678
5-8 p.m. -- Celebrate Toast's opening.

SFO3 by Night

Big Heart City
836 Mission, 777-0666/626-9444
9:15 p.m. -- New Dealers are an eight-piece group that combines a jazzy sax rhythm with funky grooves and two rappin' MCs

10 p.m. -- 4 or 5 Dopes perform bad-ass hip-hop-funk-punk with a rockin', soulful attitude

11 p.m. -- Frustration features members of Midnight Voices
Midnight -- House Jacks are the nation's fastest-rising a cappella group; performing everything from R&B to grunge, their voices make instruments seem redundant

1 a.m. -- Jungle Biskit is led by rapper Martin Reynolds and backed by the jazz-based groove of Miles Perkins, Troy Lanson, and Joseph Marshall

Bimbo's 365 Club
1025 Columbus, 474-0365
9 p.m. -- Dr. Loco's Conjuntos music scholar leads his scaled-down version of the Rockin' Jalapeno Band

10 p.m. -- Texas Tornadoes features Freddy Fender, Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers, and Doug Sahm

Blue Lamp
561 Geary, 885-1464
10 p.m. -- Ripple plays fortified rock that is highly verbose, personal, and miasmic

11:30 p.m. -- Soul Divine is an all-female powerhouse of talent and chops that will rock your world

1840 Haight, 387-2996
2 p.m. -- Resin performs jazzy funk for the new millennium

3 p.m. -- Liquid is an Oakland acid funk band that combines psychedelic interludes, acid-jazz riffs, and soulful vocals for a bit of fluid alchemy

4 p.m. -- Lamont Central performs acid-jazz funk
5 p.m. -- Missing Link performs third-wave ska
6 p.m. -- Rooster is an acoustic hip-hop outfit; G. Love meets Public Enemy
7 p.m. -- Human Z. performs funkified hip hop

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