september 16
Signs of Life Variety is the operative word at "Vital Signs" as dance, music, and theater artists join in a benefit performance for the HIV/AIDS information network the Healing Alternatives Foundation. Comedian (aka Supervisor) Tom Ammiano serves as emcee as the Hot Pants Homo Players toast the election year with an excerpt from their pulp fiction-style stage show Senator Swish. Also on the bill are, among others, ODC/San Francisco, who perform Confessions of a J Walker, a dance based on Kevin Thaddeus Paulson's short story "On Traffic Misdemeanors"; and performance artist Rhodessa Jones, who salutes the late dance-maker Arnie Zane. The show begins at 8 p.m. at Theater Artaud, 450 Florida, S.F. Admission is $15; call 621-7797.

september 17
Turn! Turn! Turn! If you've ever wondered where the time goes, look to "Cycles of Change" for some answers. This multimedia, interactive exhibit puts the cyclical patterns of the cosmos in context, demonstrating how nature continually adjusts and renews itself. "Planetary Orbits" ties the Earth's path around the sun to agricultural and seasonal patterns, while the beating of a day-old embryo's heart at the "Chick Embryo" station illustrates the biological cycles of fertilization, growth, reproduction, and death. The exhibit opens at 10 a.m. (and continues through Jan. 5, 1997) at the Exploratorium, 3601 Lyon, S.F. Admission is free-$9; call 563-7337.

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