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Whether Democrat, Republican, or crypto-fascist, this is your guide to the best in Election Night bashing

It's been another hard-fought campaign season, with candidates and proposition sponsors once again mud-wrestling each other into submission. But once the polls have closed, it's time to put the party back into political party. Sure, you could glumly clutch a plastic cup filled with lime-flavored Calistoga as Peter Jennings solemnly puts Montana in the Clinton column with only 1 percent of the vote in. Or, you can hop aboard the political bandwagon to good times and party down with people who really know how to have fun. Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, hops, malt, and barley! Give me liberty, or give me another drink!

Herewith, a guide to S.F.'s hottest Election Night bashes. Locations, times, and all other details subject to change.

Supe Slam '96 Proposition F, the measure that raises the annual of the Board of Supervisors from $23,924 to $50,000, is the first step in an ambitious plan that will give every San Franciscan a 109 percent pay raise. Until the rest of the plan goes through, you can celebrate the supervisors' good fortune with this rousing party funded entirely by the supes' stupendous raise. "Supe Slam '96" features a motorized cable car that will send revelers on a magical mystery tour of all the supervisors' homes.

You'll cut a rug at Sue Bierman's house (1529 Shrader), quaff microbrews in Tom Ammiano's garage (162 Prospect), blow a doobie with Angela Alioto's ex-boyfriend (2606 Pacific), and do tequila shooters at Susan Leal's (4115 26th St.). See if you can make it all the way to Tom Hsieh's house (1151 Taylor) for mystery fondue.

Proposition J Party Where else to celebrate the passage of Prop. J, which "reforms" taxi regulations, than at the mecca of cabbie culture, the San Francisco International Airport? The party kicks off in the Terminal 4 Smoking Lounge with the theme "You Lookin' at Me?" Watch Taxi Driver on the monitors while listening to cabbies swap anecdotes about overcharging tourists. Free taxis will be waiting for you at the curb, ready to whisk you back to the city. Best of all, there'll be no long waits -- thanks to Prop. J, there will be more than enough taxis to go around.

Yes on Propositions D & I Bump and grind with your favorite cops and firefighters at the bash celebrating the propositions certain to put more cash in their pockets. On achingly beautiful Pier 45, you'll boogie shoulder-to-shoulder-holster with S.F.'s Finest. Beepers will be provided at the door for all on-call guests. Party theme: "To Protect and Serve ... Food." You'll chow down at a lavish smorgasbord provided by Happy Donuts, Johnny Donuts, All Star Donuts, Donut World, House of Donuts, Rolling Pin Donuts, and Magic Donuts. Entertainment will feature performance demonstrations by Burning Man, along with a searing set by the all-cop punk band Excessive Force. A special back-room area will feature a Cuban cigar tasting, with the building's smoke detectors thoughtfully disabled by firefighters.

Kopp-Out '96 It's state Sen. Quentin Kopp's "Kopp-Out '96," a post-election soiree held at the irascible senator's lavish but nonpartisan estate (68 Country Club Dr.; look for the "Just Vote No" signs!). "Kopp-Out '96" is open to any legal resident (bring documentation) who voted no on every proposition and wrote in "None of the above" for the Board of Supervisors. Just show your ballot stub to the man in the Beefeater uniform, and you're in! Once inside, reflect on the fact that if BART had been extended to the airport as a certain state senator wanted, you could have taken the subway to the party. Enjoy heated finger-pointing arguments with fellow partiers, then switch sides and argue the opposing point of view. See how easy it is? Free parking on the lawn.

Dr. Leland Yee Party Board of Supervisors candidate Dr. Leland Yee invites voters to a special "Oh! Come All Yee Faithful" party held at his home (1489 Dolores). Events include Yee giving a dramatic reading of his campaign promises, including "removing guns from our streets" and "making neighborhoods safe." Give your full-throated support to the only man brave enough to take on the powerful pro-violence lobby! Cheer lustily as Lee adds new planks to his lofty platform. The sun must set in the west every day! No clear-cutting of Muir Woods! Always call it the Golden Gate Bridge -- never change it!

After partygoers have been whipped up into a Nuremberg-like frenzy, Yee will take the whole crew over to Fort Mason's Building D for a "feel-good" reception, titled "In Favor of Things That Are Good, Against Things That Are Bad." On the menu: good food, good music, good parking. Bad people are asked to please stay away.

Proposition B -- de Young Museum Bonds No Election Night party run would be complete this year without a stop at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, where the cops are few, and the stop signs are optional. Their shindig for Prop. B -- raising $73 million to reconstruct or replace the crumbling de Young -- is themed "Open to de Young and de Old Alike," and promises to shake the already wobbly rafters of the present building. Rock out to the classic '70s music of Dennis DeYoung and the surviving members of Styx, live at the band shell. Stay around for the stroke of midnight, when Mayor Brown will approach the plunger and set off explosives that demolish the building. Make sure you're outside first!

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