1997 Film Fest Calendar

What's in store in specialty fests for 1997
American Indian Film Festival (21st)
Phone/Fax: 554-0525/554-0542
E-Mail: aifisf@aol.com
Director/Organizer: Michael Smith, founder
Dates: Nov. 7-17, 1996

Where? Palace of Fine Arts, Kabuki Theater, UA Emery Bay (Emeryville), Los Gatos Cinema (Los Gatos)

In Brief: "The oldest and most recognized international film exposition dedicated to the representation of Native Americans in cinema."

Works Shown, 1996: 39
Attendance Last Festival: 4,600

Berlin and Beyond
(Goethe-Institut) (2nd)
Phone: 391-0370
E-Mail: gesfprog@sirius.com
Website: http://www.eline.com/goethe/
Director/Organizer: Ingrid Eggers
Dates: Jan. 10-16, 1997
Where? Castro Theater

In Brief: New Films from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The 1997 festival will close with Robert Wiene's rare silent film The Hands of Orlac, featuring a new score by the Club Foot Orchestra.

Works Shown, 1996: 16
Attendance Last Festival: 4,000

Black Filmmakers'
Hall of Fame (20th)
Phone/Fax: (510) 465-0804/(510) 839-9858
Director/Organizer: Dr. Beverly Richardson
Dates: Sept. 12-14, 20, & 21, 1997
Where? Oakland's Paramount Theater, Laney College, Oakland Museum

In Brief: "The only black film festival that's international in scope. We accept entries from all over the world, run film symposiums, and have an awards ceremony."

Works Shown, 1996: 24
Attendance Last Festival: 1,000-plus

Brainwash Movie Festival
Phone: 273-1545
Director/Organizer: David Krzysik
Dates: July or August 1997
Where? TBA

In Brief: Odd and obscure independent shorts in an outdoor setting (began with an alien mascot). Formerly Cacophony Society Drive-In Film Festival; currently blossoming into various side projects including a traveling theater, cable TV, and Web access.

Works Shown, 1996: 20
Attendance Last Festival: 600

Cinemagael (2nd)
Phone/Fax: 252-9992/252-9995
Website: http://www.iaf.org/~iaf/
Director/Organizer: Irish Arts Foundation, New College, Roxie Theater
Dates: Nov. 16-18, 1996
Where? Roxie Theater

In Brief: "A celebration of Irish film." World premieres and the first American release of a film in Irish with English subtitles (written and directed by Gabriel Byrne).

Total Number of Works to Be Shown: 8
Attendance last festival (1995): n/a

East Bay Media Center Video
Festival (5th)
Phone/Fax: (510) 843-3699/(510) 843-3379
Director/Organizer: Paul Kealoha and Mel Vapour
Dates: February and March 1997
Where? Channel 52, S.F.; theatrical venues TBA

In Brief: A traveling festival that appears on both cable TV and in theaters. Multiple categories: art, experimental, narrative. No discrimination in formats: They'll even take work done on a $50 Pixelvision camera if they get it on video.

Works Shown, 1996: 125-plus
Attendance Last Festival: 3,000 (theatrical); "millions" (cable TV)

EYE ON ... (2nd)
Phone/Fax: 821-1111/695-1845
Director/Organizer: Jacquie Taliaferro Publicity
Dates: "near Halloween" 1997
Where? Galaxy Theater, San Francisco

In Brief: A floating festival in '96 it was "EYE ON Sci-Fi"; in '97 it'll be "EYE ON Sex & Romance." New technologies, interactivity, guest speakers in a mere two days. "This year we felt a large populace is missing out on rapidly changing technologies -- digital effects and blue screening, for example." Special-effects guy from Star Trek discussed nuts & bolts of FX with audience. Student admissions and low-income comps.

Works Shown, 1996: 5
Attendance Last Festival: n/a

Festival Cine Latino (5th)
Phone: 553-8135
E-Mail: cineaccion@aol.com
Director/Organizer: Cine Accion, Rosalia Valencia
Dates: September 1997
Where? Victoria Theater, UC Theater (Berkeley), Sacramento

In Brief: "Film and video reflecting the dignity and diversity of Latino and Chicano communities and experi-ences."

Works Shown, 1996: 70-plus
Attendance Last Festival: 6,000

Film Arts Festival (13th)
Phone/Fax: 552-8760/552-0882
Director/Organizer: Film Arts
Foundation/Mark Taylor
Dates: Last week of October/first week of November 1997
Where? Various theaters
In Brief: Northern California independent film and video.
Works Shown, 1996: 86
Attendance Last Festival: 4,000

Jewish Film Festival (17th)
Phone/Fax: (510) 548-0556 or 621-0556/(510) 548-0536
E-Mail: jewishfilm@aol.com
Website: http://www.sfjff.org
Director/Organizer: Janis Plotkin

Dates: July 17-24 (Castro Theater), July 26-31 (UC Theater, Berkeley, & Palo Alto Theater), 1997

In Brief: "To strengthen secular awareness of Jewish culture. Emphasis on Middle East peace."

Works Shown, 1996: 49
Attendance Last Festival: 34,000

Lenin Tireworks Bacchanal
Film Festival (2nd)
E-Mail: klebeck@aol.com
Website: www.sirius.com/hotelweb/LTireFest
Director/Organizer: K D Lebeck
Date: April 1997
Where? TBA

In Brief: "The Bacchanal is the only festival with a heavy emphasis on international experimental and Bay Area wonders."

Works Shown, 1996: 10
Attendance Last Festival: 300

Mill Valley Film Festival
Phone/Fax: 383-5256/383-8606
E-Mail: finc@well.com
Website: http://www.finc.org
Director/Organizer: Mark Fishkin, Zse Elton
Dates: Oct. 2-12, 1997 (tentative)

Where? Sequoia (Mill Valley), Lark Theater (Larkspur), Masonic Hall (Mill Valley)

In Brief: "A celebration of independent film and film as an art form."
Works Shown, 1996: 100-plus
Attendance Last Festival: 40,000

Mix San Francisco (1st)
Phone/Fax: 824-3890/824-0526
E-Mail: dewey@atasite.org
Website: http://www.atasite.org
Director/Organizer: Multiple curators/ATA, Film Arts Foundation
Dates: Jan. 9-11 & 16-18, 1997
Where? Artists' Television Access

In Brief: This six-day festival is a satellite West Coast version of the New York Gay & Lesbian Experimental Film Festival.

Number of Works to Be Shown: 50-plus

National Education & Media
Project Network (28th)
Phone/Fax: (510) 465-6885/(510) 465-2835
E-Mail: nemn@aol.com
Director/Organizer: Kathryn Hilliard; Jean Paul Petraud
Dates: May 28-31, 1997
Where? Oakland Marriott Hotel, Oakland Convention Center

In Brief: Educational, K-12, conceptual, biographical, and how-to films. "Works are not ranked against each other but on quality criteria, and awards are given. ... Name changed from 'Festival' to 'Network' to encompass new media such as CD-ROMS."

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