Once (and Future?) Landmarks

1) World Theater, 644 Broadway (1949 to ?). Formerly the Verdi, which showed American movies in the 1920s. Rebuilt in 1985.

2) Great Star Theater, 636 Jackson (1925 to ?). Formerly the Great China.
3) Grandview Theater, 756 Jackson (1940 to mid-'80s).
4) Pagoda Palace Theater, 1741 Powell (1930s to 1994). Formerly the Palace, which showed American movies. Became the Pagoda after WWII; the theater is set to reopen sometime in 1998.

5) The Times Theater, Stockton Street between Pacific and Broadway (1920s to sometime in the 1960s). Formerly the Acme, an American movie theater in the 1920s. Familiarly known as Gow Sut Hay Yuen, or "the flea theater."

6) Sun Sing Theater, 1025 Grant (1924 to mid-'80s). Also known as the Mandarin, or Dai Mo Toi.


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