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Wired Strung Out
This libertarian (and once-upon-a-time stringer for the Bay Guardian) was bemused by your suggestion in "Unspun" ("Tangled Up in Wired," Dec. 4) that anti-libertarian bias in the "liberal" media somehow was a factor in Wired's on-again-off-again IPO. Come on -- money, not politics, did in the deal. Wall Street cares not a jot what writers at Upside or -- yes -- even the Bay Guardian think: All that matters is whether or not the numbers pencil out. Alas, in Wired's case they did not. Cool zines don't cool investments make -- at least not at the prices Wired's backers were asking.

Marc Beauchamp
Falls Church, Va.

Spending by the Numbers
Re: "Unspun" 's snipe at the Media Foundation's annual Planetary Buy Nothing Day ("Don't Buy It," Dec. 4). Orrick 'n' Rasky denounce the daylong consumer boycott (despite some feeble hairsplitting tacked on at the end to reassure us they'd support "true subversion"); apparently such a gesture would torpedo the local economy that serves us so well. Thanks for the "remedial economics" lesson. May I suggest some topics for next semester?

1) Personal Responsibility: If you aren't spending enough on useless, redundant, or obsolescent-by-design products, don't expect the considerable income taxes you pay to entitle you to social services.

2) Why Ask Why?: Corporate America will happily unburden your government of any responsibility for the public welfare by allowing you to subsidize big business's myriad community-building and life-enhancing activities. Show your gratitude -- just buy.

3) Love Thy Neighbor: Your selfless spending will translate into those no-benefit temp and service-sector jobs that were saved from extinction by the civic and social conscience of columnist do-gooders. Get hired for the holidays -- maybe you'll earn your keep in this year's spending marathon!

(You don't suppose those are the issues the Media Foundation had in mind, do you?)

Yeah, I do expect a "progressive" paper to provide analysis that goes beyond economic expediency. Why are Orrick and Rasky diddling away at a low-rent, Chamber of Commerce mouthpiece like SF Weekly? They should seek greener paychecks with their talent for casting thinly disguised, pro-corporate natterings as the voice of hip independent thinking. "Yuppiecentric sanctimony," indeed.

Beth Grundvig

Right Thinking
I'd like to make a few comments on your Dec. 4 "Unspun" (picturing the New York Times Magazine). Why is SF Weekly trying to conservatize our minds? An inane idea does not respect gender, and "Hero Worship" would have been just as stupid a concept; but no one points out this kind of thing ("Take an Icon to Lunch").

About the Canadian "do-gooders" ' campaign for a Planetary Buy Nothing Day ("Don't Buy It"): "Buy what you need" would've been less offensive to you, perhaps, but they are only trying to make a point to a mainstream (oh, that word!) audience about consumerism. Lucky your paper is free.

Justine Herbert
Mint Hill

The review of Rock Hardware ("Blah Blah Blah," Music, Dec. 18) should have identified the depicted band as Bill Haley &the Comets.


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