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"To me, MG is totally on top of the whole thing," says Rush, "and the whole point of it was, was that she was the love of Jerry's life. There's no question about that for anyone who's spent any time with them. And Deborah wasn't. And I think that's really her basic beef, is that she wanted to be the one, and she wasn't the one.

"Quite honestly, those of us who've known these guys for a while are appalled at Deborah's behavior. She's being very exclusive and revengeful. She's not trying to bring people together. Sometimes when you lose somebody that you love, it's an opportunity for people to get together about it, and a lot of us have been doing that, you know. And Deborah has just been -- that just doesn't seem to be her type."

Although Jerry and Mountain Girl weren't technically married until 1981, from Rush's vantage point, she emphasizes that they definitely were a couple for years previous to the marriage:

"Oh, absolutely. They were definitely a couple -- a pretty remarkable one at that. They were a hell of a pair, energywise. Great to be around. They were both very smart and very witty, and it was entertaining to be around them. They played off each other really well. I'm really honored that I got to hang out with them as much as I did, and get to know them."

"MG's very family-oriented," continues Rush, "and made a lot of decisions in her life for the best for her family. And sometimes Jerry's lifestyle wasn't the healthiest thing around, you know? I think that theirs is a huge story, and a big love, and I don't think that anything that happens in court or that anybody else says is going to change that."

With the decision expected to be appealed, and the $38 million in claims from Garcia's past lovers and business associates still pending, the Marin court system should be busy for months.

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By Jack Boulware

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