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Chip Shots
Hey assholes, a T1 computer line connects to the outside world for Internet access ("Luddites at the Library," The Grid, Jan. 22). The S.F. Public Library's much-vaunted "on-line" card catalog is on an internal network that is not accessed (at least within the library) through the Internet. So how would eliminating high-cost T1 lines in favor of, say, standard 28.8 modem access lines "increase demand for live librarians"? It wouldn't!

And how do you think photos, sheet music, and the like get into "graphic databases" like S.F. Digital Library? Like most people who know nothing about computers (Ken Dowlin included), you think it "just happens." Isn't it funny how the "putative Luddites" know much more about how computers work than you do? But god forbid you should let facts get in the way of your union-bashing.

Dave Abston

George Cothran and Chuck Finnie reply: Hey Abston, you should read more carefully before you pen your profane missives. You write, "A T1 computer line connects to the outside world for Internet access." And that's exactly what we said in our "Grid" item.

Fuller on Himself
I am writing to set the record straight on allegations published in George Cothran's Jan. 15 Bay View "Exile's Return."

My racist critics used the article to apply political pressure on Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Rudy Smith -- who had offered me a probation officer's position. On Jan. 14, Smith withdrew the offer. I was caught off-guard, even though I knew there was opposition to my impending hire. More surprising was Smith's refusal to offer an explanation for his reversal. I was never given an opportunity to rebut the accusations contained in the article.

Much has been made of the fact that I was fired from my position as director of the Juvenile Justice Commission. It should be noted that I had been the principal investigator and writer of a series of critical reports under the commission's authority, which took the Fred Jordan-led Probation Department to task for deficiencies in its operations.

I am unable to answer the charge that an unnamed "high-ranking city official ... fear(s) for (his/her?) personal safety." But I can say that I am nearly 50 years old, and I have never been arrested for anything. Categorically, I deny banging on Fred Jordan's door, and yelling anything at the top of my lungs.

I must, however, confess to three sins: It's true that I find the present Juvenile Probation Commission to be dilettantish and hopelessly lost on the subject of juvenile justice; I am unremorsefully guilty of opposing the exploitation of non-white children and communities by white political opportunists and entrepreneurs; and I, an African-American male, have publicly criticized the white political matriarchy which rules the roost in juvenile justice. I gather, in some eyes, that makes me a threatening, dangerous person.

Finally, on the subject of Cothran's repeated suggestions that I am Flammonde B. Simple, I am flattered that he would think me capable of such sacrilegious ribaldry. However, I don't require the cloak of a pen name, and did not use one when publishing critical commentary about my enemies in December.

Micheal H. Fuller

In the Jan. 22 "Unspun" column ("Let It Breed"), Fig. 11A should have depicted John Phillips, not his daughter Mackenzie.


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