Linda Kiefer has to learn not to take advantage of the little guys.
Gary Hongista
Santa Cruz

Wrong Prisoner Rights
I was dismayed to have read Matt Smith's article ("Fewer Pen Pals," Bay View, April 23) disparaging Alison Hardy and the Prison Law Office. I first became acquainted with Hardy in the summer of 1989 when she was my supervisor in the UC Davis branch of the Prison Law Office.

At the Prison Law Office I helped Hardy obtain the release of a dying man so he could spend his final days with his wife. I also helped Hardy to successfully lobby the Legislature to change the laws so that terminally ill inmates could receive medication such as AZT and other "experimental" drugs, previously prohibited from being prescribed to California state inmates.

To denigrate the work of Hardy because she has chosen to expend the limited resources of the Prison Law Office to expose the brutalities of prison life and change the system, rather than to ensure each inmate has the latest issue of Hustler, is an affront to her work and to the work of the other attorneys at the Prison Law Office.

Youseef Elias

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