Will the Soul-Jacker Go Free?

State prosecutions against alleged gang assassin appear to disintegrate

Still, almost everything that could go wrong with the state's cases against Temple has done so.

The only state witnesses for the Jacky Williams killing are, now, a dead man and an accused murderer. The only prosecution witnesses to the Mullins killing are a liar and a man named Leoncio White, who took part in a liquor store robbery in 1981 that left one man dead.

Andrews says he has other witnesses he can put on the stand to buttress the faltering Mullins indictment. But the Williams case now rests solely on the testimony of Geter, and he's in custody for murder.

It seems the only thing remaining intact as the wobbly Temple cases lurch toward trial is Andrews' sense of humor.

"The assistant district attorney contacted in Napa State Hospital for the Insane said, 'IEEEEEEEEE!!!' " Andrews commented.

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