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When it comes to mixing house that puts some soul into a party, nobody has refined the genre more than S.F. migrant son DJ Jeno. The turntable master has been an integral part of the rave and DJ party scenes since the Full Moon parties back in '91 and subsequent work with the Wicked DJs. He helped to hack out a unique sound amongst the overgrown, acid-drenched strains of techno flowing out of clubs elsewhere. Instead of using only hard-driving, nonstop beats, Jeno infused his mixes with a diverse, soulful aspect that became the staple of what is now recognizable as the San Francisco DJ sound. Jeno's most recent work can be found on Moonshine Records' United DJs of America, Volume 7, a series dedicated to showcasing the variety of sounds being spun by DJs in different corners of the United States. The latest installment features 13 well-chosen tracks produced and mixed by Jens, the strongest of which are Simon's "Two Crates" on the Come Unity label and Persuasion's "The Bone" on the Ministry of Sound Recording label. These demonstrate the full spectrum of Jeno's output, from the soulful to the funky. The whole problem with house DJ recordings is that they tend to have a hollow feel, noticeably lacking the reaction of the live audience. Jens's work on United DJs of America is good, but seeing him spin at a party with a responsive crowd to feed the experience can be amazing.

-- Robert Arriaga

Jeno appears with DJs Dan, Graeme, Mark Farina, Kimo, C.J. Bolland, and Donald Claude on Friday, June 27, at 10 p.m. at Funky Techno Tribe's Organic party at Cesar's Latin Palace, 3140 Mission. Tickets are $20; call 648-6611.

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