Savage Love

After making a series of bad choices, whether out of gay naivete or plain old stupidity, disillusioned young gay men will, like Stud-Boy here, blame the "gay family" rather than take responsibility for their own fucked-up lives. Led by gay pride propaganda to expect better treatment from the "gay community" (a phrase that ought to be banned) than they received at the hands of the "straight community" prior to coming out, dumped/infected/abused gay men freak, become bitter, and blame the "community" for crap they brought on themselves. In extreme cases, fucked-up gay men fucked over by other fucked-up gay men decide to avenge themselves on the gay world by, as Stud-Boy says he's considered, choosing to "become a hustler now and pay back these assholes like they paid me," or in the much-publicized case of Andrew Cunanan, murdering other gay men.

Reportedly, Cunanan began his alleged rampage after learning he is HIV-positive. Maybe he got HIV because he was, as his mother described him, "a high-priced homosexual prostitute," or maybe he got infected due to choices he made in the sack with non-customers; but rather than take responsibility, Cunanan is seemingly "paying back" our big, happy gay family by running around the country offing gay men he's had relationships with. And now, barring confirmation that he had some personal connection to Gianni Versace, Cunanan is apparently killing prominent gay men for the payback fuck of it.

Deliberately spreading HIV, or blowing away world-famous 50-year-old Italian fashion designers, may make a sick person feel like he's giving back a little of what he got, but all he's really doing is proving that the problem all along wasn't other gay people, the "gay world," the "gay family," or the "gay community." It was himself. If Cunanan wants to punish the person responsible for his HIV infection, or for the rest of his generally fucked-up life, he should turn that gun on himself.

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