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Vaccination Feeding Frenzy Carnival
In an effort to raise funds to promote the latest albums by Idiot Flesh, Mumble & Peg, and Frank Pahl, Dren MacDonald's Vaccination Records is sponsoring a Feeding Frenzy Carnival, promising the sort of sumptuous excess you'd find in a Peter Greenaway film. For a nominal fee, the event will present fans with a friendly forum in which to meet and greet their favorite over-the-top artists, including the members of Idiot Flesh, who will be available for photo ops with their inflatable suits. One may also partake of various haute vittles (blackened catfish, mango sticky rice) lovingly prepared by the musicians themselves. To simulate the carnival atmosphere, there will be cotton candy, peanuts, and few interactive booths of the old school, like "Toss the Wet Sponge" at the creepy label guy (MacDonald) or pretentious rock critic (yours truly, alcohol intake permitting). A silent auction (for tattoos and theater tickets), raffles (for CDs, T-shirts, and posters), grab bags of "mystery items," and the second annual (dead) lamprey giveaway are also on the bill. Plus, Captain Feedback from Rube Waddell will be awarding a few blessed souls a couple of monkeyface eel skulls from his prized collection. And, of course, there will be music: full sets by Giant Ant Farm, Rube Waddell, Mumble & Peg, and 9 Wood; and special (uh hmmm ...) "acoustic/theatrical performances" by Charming Hostess and Idiot Flesh (I can't even imagine). Reservations must be made in advance for the dinner portion of the evening via phone (835-4716), fax (510/601-9240) or e-mail (rsvp@vacrec.com).

-- Sam Prestianni

The Vaccination Feeding Frenzy Carnival takes place on Friday, Sept. 5. An $11 ticket gets you dinner (from 6 to 9 p.m.) at the Paradise Lounge (11th Street & Folsom), and admission to the show at the adjacent Transmission Theater (which starts at 9 p.m.). Tickets for the show only are $6 before 10 p.m. and $10 thereafter. Call 861-6909 for more info.

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