Savage Love

In addition to Mindy, Stephen, and George, three other contestants also sent in the correct answer -- Dave Plomin, Larry Greer, and Nick Schneider. They're all winners, but only one person can take home the grand prize: a carton of Newports (menthol) and a $10 Burger King gift certificate. We put your names in a hat, and randomly drew three winners. First prize -- the cigs and the burgers -- goes to ... DAVE PLOMIN OF CHICAGO! Congratulations, DAVE! Second prize -- a set of steak knives -- goes to ... LARRY GREER OF SAN FRANCISCO! Enjoy your new steak knives, LARRY! And third prize -- you're fired -- goes to MINDY EADES OF NEW YORK CITY! Clean out your desk and go home, MINDY!

Thanks to all who took the time to enter our Hollywood Trivia Contest. Next week, back to the sucking and fucking.

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