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Hey, Faggot: In a recent column you called lysine a "deadly poison" [Sept. 3]. Could you please explain your statement in more detail? I've been taking lysine tablets for about 15 years, whenever I feel a herpes outbreak coming on. It's been very successful in suppressing or modifying my symptoms. I only take lysine occasionally, but would like to know about any potential dangers.


Hey, C: I was kidding. A reader advised those suffering from canker sores to take lysine, and I wrote, "... for all I know, lysine is a deadly poison," not because it is a deadly poison, but to jokingly qualify that reader-generated advice. For the record, lysine is an essential amino acid that cannot be manufactured by our bods. The best food sources are lean meats, fish, potatoes, and milk. Some brainiac back in the '80s discovered that lysine helped control the herpes simplex 1 virus, mouth blisters and cold sores. Since then it has been shown to have broader immune-enhancing effects. Lysine deficiencies can impede immune function, make you crabby, make your hair fall out, and a whole bunch of other depressing crap. So eat yer taters and drink yer milk.

Hey, Faggot: This is not a question, but an answer. You recently responded to someone who had a scat fantasy [Sept. 3]. You replied that you did not know of any clubs where he could find a partner. I don't know of any clubs per se, but for you and your reader's information, he can obtain hetero scat videos from S.W. Enterprises Inc., PO Box 549, Kila, MT 59920.

No obligations, no scam, no shame.

Hey, MM: Thanks for writing. That's what this column is all about: people helping people.

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