Song Wrong
The lyrics you quoted for Stereolab's "Au Grand Jour" (Reviews, Jill Stauffer, Oct. 8) are actually lyrics for "The Way Will Be Opening." I found it very amusing that you made that mistake considering that "the way will be opening" was in the quote you used! I appreciate the brief history of the group's evolution. Nevertheless, you should stick to the album in question and not waste the review rehashing information most of the fans already know, like lyrics.

Nicholas Baker

Editor's note: We're sorry for the mistake.

Thanks to Us
A passionate thank you to Tara Shioya for her timely synopsis of chain stores in the city ("Chains R Us," Oct. 22). I arrived in San Francisco two years ago, fleeing the chain and mall culture that plagued the Midwest. In that time, I discovered that San Francisco is a rapidly changing city, with businesses appearing and disappearing every day, but was amazed by the strength of independent entrepreneurial spirit this place has over virtually any other location in the United States.

But I am sickened by watching 100-year-old Victorian homes on Fillmore transform from historic architecture to glass-fronted burrito and pizza boutiques. And I believe many others in the city are in accord. So if we fear for the future of our community, what can we do about it now?

Scot Nortrom
Alamo Square

Thanks to Ourselves, Again
I am so excited that you have engaged a dance writer again! The local dance community is huge, diverse, and full of wonderful choreographers and performers. Your support and interest in our community is well-deserved and much-needed. The writing of Apollinaire Scherr is articulate, insightful, and just darn tootin' good. I have always looked forward to reading SF Weekly -- and now I rush to pick up a copy on Wednesdays.

Wayne Hazzard
Noe Valley

Thanks, You Great Journalists
Your article "A Short-Order Murder" (Oct. 15) is one of the best-written articles I've read in a local paper in a long time. Please congratulate Lisa Davis on a first-rate job.

Richard D. Spotswood
Mill Valley

Bet You Thought We Wouldn't Do This a Fourth Time
Negative Creep is a positively positive addition to SF Weekly.
Mike Woitalla
Bernal Heights

We caught your recent piece on the state of American cinema ("Identity Crisis," Michael Sragow, Sept. 24). Though we were disappointed to be reminded that so few had seen Suture, we were very flattered to be remembered by you, and included in what we found to be a very enjoyable and insightful article. Thanks for the enthusiasm.

Scott McGehee
David Siegel

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