Doing Well, Looking Fine

Our style panel helps S.F. politicians look as good as the city itself

Laura: I would just tone down the lips. I would do them less red. I would do more like a brown, which is a muted color. It could be a brown red, so you could basically have color in your lips. I'm not saying she has to wear beige, or nothing at all -- she definitely needs definition and needs lipstick. But it should be less blue red, so you don't attract the attention too much there.

Sue Bierman

Greg: She has a great short haircut, and she obviously has thick, straight hair. With her face it might be nice to make it a little more flowing. At this point it looks like everything is moving away from her face, so we might give her a haircut giving her the versatility of wearing it forward somewhat, back somewhat, and not being afraid to go out into the wind with your hair. She looks pretty cool, actually. I'd get her some new glasses, too. They're an accessory, you know.

Rebekah: Hmmmm. She should make sure that it's really conditioned. That's something I've been learning with Greg -- to work with the style that you have, and to make sure that it's really moisturized.

Laura: She looks good. I would not cake tons of makeup on her. She has a very strong presence in her face already as it is. If anything, I would intensify a little bit the brows, which I don't see very well behind the glasses, and smoke a little bit of shadow on the border of the lashes, and on the top of the eye. That's all. Just to intensify the look a little bit.

Dianne Feinstein
Rebekah: Are a lot of girls doing that look? No, not really. That is a real old hairdo.

Greg: I would take her hair off and bring it forward on her face. This hairline makes her face look very square. So if you could find what her natural hair texture is after shampooing it, assessing the hair texture, and then create a cut that would frame the face nicer and would also allow to work forward or back.

Laura: She has a beautiful smile and great eyes -- so she does a good job there. I would definitely keep all that. I would shape the eyebrows. I don't know if she uses a pencil in her eyebrows, but I would go with a brush and eye shadow rather than a pencil, so that it's softer. Because she already has the definition in her eyes.

Willie Brown
Rebekah: He looks very sophisticated. Of course, I love hats. I'm partial to that. So my advice to him would be, "Keep looking good!"

Laura: Maybe we could give him a little powder, to take the shine off. He would like that. The advice I would give men going on TV would be not going so heavy on the foundation, a little softer on the foundation. But powder, yes -- it's not great to see shiny, shiny skin on TV. So I'd give him a little powder on the tip of the nose, that's it.

Nancy Pelosi
Laura: I think she looks perfect. Yep. She already has such strong features. She has big brown eyes, she has lots of definition, the nose and the eyes -- everything is very structured, so she's not overdoing her makeup, she's not darkening her eyes too much, she has the right intensity of lipstick, with a little bit of shine in it, which I like. She is only missing a little eyebrow -- it's a little uneven there. You could fix that with a little eyebrow brush and some eye shadow, so that it's soft.

Rebekah: She looks like she has really bright eyes. I like the eyelashes a lot, they're pretty. So she should bring that out.

Greg: She's beautiful, actually. I would take her to a shorter bob. Bobs are big for fall season -- bangs and bobs. But the bobs that are current are not shaped so heavy like this. So with hers, I would take her bob shorter, I would let it be a little more free-flowing, and I would soften up the bang area. And that would really bring out her eyes.

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