We're Right, as Usual
I generally disagree with [The Grid], [but] I must tell you how exactly right you were in the piece about the treasurer's race ("The Grid Endorses! You Must Obey!" Oct. 29). I mean come on! Who is this Bermudez woman? It is definitely those "quasi-Marxist weirdos" at San Francisco Frontlines. Have you even seen that crap they put out?

Then of course we have Joel Ventresca, the annoying gadfly who seems to have "tweaked" his resume a bit. In this week's Guardian, [Executive Editor] Tim Redmond says that's OK; everyone does it. Whatever ... when will [Guardian Publisher] Bruce Brugmann realize he is an anachronism of the '60s and fewer and fewer people -- young people like me, the next generation of San Franciscans -- care about his candidates or his ridiculous soapbox rants.

Last, though, I must tell you how vociferously I disagree with your assessment of Willie Brown. He is most certainly not "crude and tiresome," "devoid of charm and wit." He is the best mayor we have seen since Dianne Feinstein.

Michael Wykoff
Via Internet

Blood Snort
Today's cover ("Hemoglobin Goblins," Oct. 29) is revolting. I recommend having an exorcism performed on whomever OK'd it, because they must be possessed!

Kristine Struke
Pacific Heights

Stark Raging Rad
In reviewing Rage Against the Machine's great Shoreline gig, Jeff Stark cries that Rage is "politically ineffective" ("Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy," Music, Sept. 24). Yet he is compelled to devote nearly two columns to Rage's lyrics/poetry.

Did the Rage show resemble a "monster rock" show in some ways? Yup. Most monster rockers do not, however, speak out for U.S. political prisoners such as Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier or uphold the right of people to rebel against injustice -- from Mexico to Peru to Los Angeles.

What really gets Stark pissed is that Rage's "we CAN and MUST do something about all this shit" outlook is playing to tens of thousands, and it smacks up against his oh-so-hip, do-nothing cynicism.

Curt Mayfield

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