Savage Love


Hey, F: According to our Miss Broom, "HPV is definitely an STD."
A good no-self-pity role model for WIK would be Dizzy. Rico rejects Dizzy, but does Dizzy mope? SIR, NO, SIR! Dizzy keeps working on Rico, and triumphs in the end, bagging her man just before the kids from Buenos Aires (!?) are sent to Planet BABs.

Dizzy is, of course, promptly penetrated to death by the same bugs that can't quite manage to finish off virginal Carmen. Like prom dresses and bullets, the action-adventure movie rule that women-who-enjoy-sex-must-die hasn't changed much in Paul "Showgirls" Verhoeven's imagined future. At least Dizzy has the honor of dying in her man's arms. It was worth it, Dizzy tells Rico, refusing to wallow in self-pity even as she gasps for breath, her mouth filling with blood. Why? "Cuz I got to have you," she tells Rico. Then Dizzy dies. And Carmen? Carmen will be back for the sequel.

If you have questions about HPV, or other STDs, call the American Social Health Association's National STD Hot Line at (800) 227-8922. If you have questions about Starship Troopers, visit the newsgroup, or call the National Organization for Women at (202) 331-0066.

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