Wicked Flicks

Sexism, racism, plagiarism, Mormonism: The mostly animated mini-film festival curated by film archivist and historian Dennis Nyback has 'em all. This three-day screening spree features rare works in six programs shown in nightly double features, beginning with "F#!k Mickey Mouse," a selection of 10 cartoons spanning 1931 to 1943. Tex Avery's Red Hot Riding Hood and One More Time, starring Mickey Mouse clone Foxy, offer just two examples of how Hollywood parodied and ripped off Walt Disney. "Bad Bugs Bunny," a collection of Warner Bros. shorts like You're a Sap Mr. Jap that were banned for sexist, racist, and violent content, shows Saturday with the Mickey Mouse program. Gertie the Dinosaur and Koko the Clown lead the way Sunday night with the "Festival of Silent Animation," followed by "The Birth of Betty Boop (or My Life as a Dog)," which traces Boop's evolution from cartoon dog (and love interest of sex-crazed fellow cartoon dog Bimbo) to curvy cutie. Finally, Monday night begins on a cautionary note with the unintentionally hilarious '60s training films Nyback compiled for "The Mormon Church Explains It All to You," which reveals that premarital sex is evil, among other things. The natural sequel to that program is the vintage smut of "Stag Party Special," featuring Ed Wood Jr.'s How to Keep a Husband and the silent porn cartoon Everready. The festival begins at 8 p.m. nightly with an introduction by Nyback at the 111 Minna Street Gallery, 111 Minna (at Second Street), S.F. Admission is $6; call 974-1719.

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