One of Us Stinks

Chasing Amy After the debacle of his first studio film, Mallrats, Kevin Smith returned to his low-budget roots with the most believable Gen-X romantic comedy yet made. The cast and the dialogue are hilarious: Jason Lee's neurotic sidekick steals the show from stars Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams. Except for a wretched plot development near the end, this is the best romantic comedy of the year.

Hercules It's a discouraging sign that the best Disney animated feature since Aladdin somehow made less money than its three immediate predecessors. Disney's always been great at art and schmaltz and a good deal less adept at humor, but Hercules is truly funny. James Woods' villain is a voice-over performance that rivals Robin Williams' work in Aladdin; and the leading lady is the best Disney heroine since Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

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