Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: What, oh what, Mr. Savage, are "clit grapes"?

Hey, G: Clit grapes are a bumpy silicone sex toy you can attach to an adjustable cock ring. Position the grapes at 12 o'clock, and when your cock is all the way in her puss, they'll rest right over her clit. Then you can grind 'em against your lady friend, providing her with the extra clit stimulation she needs in order to achieve orgasm during vaginal intercourse.

Hey, Faggot: I have heard there is an alternate means of male masturbation. That is, jerking off from the testicles rather than the usual shaft-stroking way of doing it. Have you heard this to be true? If so, how does one go about it? Can orgasm be reached readily enough?

A Conventional Jack-Off Artist

Hey, ACJOA: I've heard of that there practice called "ball-tuggin'," and while some men claim they have orgasms this way, I've yet to run across one who could prove it. Considering the usual source -- mostly tantric woo-hoo types who also claim they have half-hour-long orgasms, they can levitate, blah blah blah -- I'm inclined to believe ball-tuggin' orgasms are a load of bullshit. Of course, having yer balls tugged -- grip scrot, gently pull, repeat -- feels pretty good whether it alone can make you come or not, so you might as well give it a shot. Or try to. If you discover that you actually can have an orgasm this way, be sure to send me a videotape. I'll forward a copy to Ken Starr.

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