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Take That, Bay Guardian!
I just wanted to drop you people at SF Weekly a few lines of thanks for the subscription that I'm receiving here at Folsom. I greatly appreciate both the articles and goings-on in the city.

Thanks to your paper, and the people that make it something to really look forward to seeing on a weekly basis. Kudos to all of you.

Brian Garnett, K13510
Folsom State Prison

Historians? Hey, It Could Happen
I enjoyed your write-up of the Bike Film Fest (Night Crawler, Feb. 11). However, one little correction -- just in case historians of the 21st century turn to the Weekly as an authoritative record of Bay Area bike activism at the turn of the millennium:

Not all of BFBC's board (or, strictly speaking, "steering committee") members -- of which I am one -- come from New York City.

Also, not all of us hate cars. Many bike activists do, but I'm convinced that's because they've never owned a Honda.

Michael Katz, Member
Steering Committee
Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition

Cyclin' Silke
Thank you so much for your nice write-up of the Bike Film Fest (Night Crawler) and your kind words about Bill's Bike and our musical accompaniment. In four years of being a band, this was the first performance review we've ever had, and our "guest foley artists" certainly enjoyed being called "brilliant."

Oh, by the way, we do have a name, which is Mono Pause.
Peter Conheim
Via Internet

Size Matters
My retinas have been burned for the second time with the nekkid image of the Mysterious Mr. Clam ("Naked Poets Society," Bay View, Feb. 18). He is a former consort of mine and in fact, I was the one who named him the Mysterious Mr. Clam.

Apparently Jack Boulware doesn't get out much, or has a rather narrow frame of reference, since he refers to Mr. Clam as "scarily well-endowed." I just wanted to clarify that said organ is indeed of average proportions.

Friends and I have been trying to determine WHO exactly will buy the "nekkid poet playing cards." Any selection of barflies would be of equal interest, though we suspect there will be more wearing glasses in this deck.

Claudia Le Mew
Via Internet

Stark Raving
When a writer like Jeff Stark, who can turn in such a passionate review of the X reunion (Reviews, Feb. 18), is reduced to counting Joel Selvin's exclamation points, it's time to put the whole "Selvin Watch" shtick to bed ("More Casualties on the Trail of Facts," Riff Raff, Feb. 18).

Someone once read Allen Ginsberg a Time magazine hit-piece on the beats, expecting the poet to become enraged at the reporter's beatnik stereotypes. Ginsberg shrugged it off, saying, "It's his bad poetry -- not mine."

Steve Silberman, Senior Culture Writer
Wired News
Via Internet


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