Cinco Dismayo

If you were born May 5, you might consider spending your birthday with Harvey Sid Fisher, who has written a song just for you, a peppy little boogie-woogie number that begins, "Talkin' 'bout the Taurus/ Talkin' 'bout the bully bull bull." Even if you're not the birthday girl, Fisher has a song just for you; his album Astrology Songs: A Song for Each Sign of the Zodiac is a collection of eccentric but ingratiatingly endearing musical tributes to each astrological sign and all its wonderful quirks. Fisher treats Capricorns to a flamenco theme embellished with castanets, twits Aries for their selfish tendencies, and salutes Cancers with synth keyboards and drippy lyrics like "I am the one you can rely on/ I am the shoulder you can cry on" in his song "Moon Child." Fisher, a former hairdresser and sometime actor, also does golf songs and golf jokes, but his act is only the beginning of a night packed with musical shtick. He'll be opening for the self-proclaimed "Mexican Elvis" El Vez, who follows up the mass birthday party with a Cinco de Mayo celebration that offers subtle running commentary on Mexican and American history amid the camp, of which there is plenty. Accompanied by his band the Memphis Mariachis and busty backup singers the Elvettes, El Vez (formerly Robert Lopez of Chula Vista) mixes mariachi music with glitter rock and Vegas sleaze, turning Elvis' "Mystery Train" into the Pancho Villa anthem "Misery Tren," and inviting the whole crowd to join in when he sings "Say It Loud, I'm Brown and I'm Proud." The show begins at 9 p.m. at the Great American Musical Hall, 859 O'Farrell (at Polk), S.F. Admission is $10; call 885-0750. (

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