Savage Love


Hey, CR: If you think you're the only woman out there who likes sucking dick, you're as clueless as your sister and your old man. According to the "Social Organization of Sexuality," a study done by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, fully 57 percent of straight women between the ages of 18 and 45 found the idea of performing oral sex "somewhat" or "very appealing," while 43 percent found it "not appealing," or "not at all appealing." You, and not your squeamish little sister, are safely in the mainstream. And considering that this study was conducted before anyone knew who Matt Damon was, we can safely assume the number of women who find the "idea" of performing oral sex "appealing" would be even higher if the study were conducted today.

Confidential to Gus: Dating a woman five years your senior -- especially one who enjoys so sterling a reputation -- is not something you, or any young man lucky enough to be so well endowed as you claim to be, needs to worry about. Give my regards to the rest of the kids at the University Programming Lab.

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