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I can't imagine a more misleading name than Grant Lee Buffalo. The moniker connotes some turquoise-festooned troubadour singing rustic songs about the Confederacy -- hardly the opulent pop songs for which GLB have become beloved. On their fourth full-length release, Jubilee, GLB shy away from the overconvoluted intricacies of Copperopolis and return to the sweet, dreamy style of the band's debut. Forgoing veiled narratives about Johnny Cash, David Koresh, and Roswell, frontman Grant Lee Phillips opts for pure psychedelic pop songs that would make any T. Rex-loving Britpopper proud. (Phillips' narcotic falsetto and decadent use of pedal steel, marimba, maracas, and timbales recently earned the band a slot on the soundtrack for The Velvet Goldmine, a film by Todd Haynes that is supposed to do for glam rock what Boogie Nights did for porn.) Since GLB have promised all sorts of surprise guests during this club tour, there's no telling who will show up at Cafe Du Nord on Wednesday, May 6, at 9 p.m. Tickets are $8; call 861-5016.

Sepultura's demise was yet another tough blow for metal fans and probably even harder for members of the band. But as they say, you can't keep a hard man down -- or something like that. Brazilian rocker Max Cavalera has formed a joyfully unholy union with ex-Thorn drummer Roy "Rata" Mayorga, ex-Chico Science guitarist Jackson Bandeira, and ex-Sepultura roadie Marcello D. Rapp (on bass). Like Sepultura, Soulfly combine Cavalera's demonic snarl with a wide range of polyethnic rhythms, unusual sampling, and very heavy hard rock. While not a replacement for Kyuss, Carcass, and At the Gates, it's a start. Soulfly perform at the Maritime Hall on Wednesday, May 6, with Snot, Hed (Pe), and Papa Roach opening at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12-14; call 974-0634.

Pretenders, beware! The godfather of psychobilly has returned. Nearly 20 years ago, P.P. Fenech began expressing his murderous tendencies through a demented fusion of punk and rockabilly. Fenech and his ever-changing Meteors put the lift in the quiff and turned Little Red Riding Hood into a whore. (For that, we'll always be grateful.) On 1997's Bastard Sons of a Rock 'n' Roll Devil, we find the boys rendering a psychotic Halloween theme and an ode to psychobilly gals called "Kattle Slut." Live, the old bastard Fenech still works up a sweat, and is more than willing to sing with blood in his eye. The Meteors perform at the Paradise Lounge on Friday, May 8, with the Mutilators and the Barnyard Ballers opening at 9 p.m. Tickets are $8; call 861-6906.

In the '70s, glam rockers like Queen and Gaz Glit responded to the crunchy temperament of hippie rock with sparkly platform shoes and a healthy dose of hair products. It didn't take a psychic to guess which way the pendulum would swing after the disheveled flannel sincerity of the early '90s. The brightest spangle in the upcoming glam-rock roster is L.A.'s 10 Speed, whose curly haired frontman might be a slightly less pretty Marc Bolan. 10 Speed are no Roxy Music, no Spiders From Mars, but there is something to be said for their willingness to adore silly pants, space themes, stage smoke, Sweet-styled falsettos, glittery amp cases, and garish drum risers. 10 Speed perform at Slim's on Saturday, May 9, at 9 p.m. Dread Zeppelin headline; Mongoloid open. Tickets are $12-13; call 255-0333. 10 Speed also perform at the Paradise Lounge on Tuesday, May 12, at 9 p.m. Tickets are $3; call 861-6906.

Over the last few weeks, you may have wondered about the beer-guzzling do-gooders in bright orange T-shirts who have been descending on neighborhood bars in the Mission. Don't worry, this is not an insurgent arm of the Guardian Angels. It's Barhoppers Against Prop. E, the political outreach division of Slackers Against Prop. E. For those not aware, E is the delightful proposition that would eliminate rent control for two- to four-unit, owner-occupied buildings. That would affect about 50,000 units -- one-third of the rentables in a city already suffering from an affordable-housing shortage. No big deal -- I didn't want to live in a city without nightclubs and cigarettes anyway. But for those of you committed (or forced) to tough it out, I suggest you make your presence known at the "E-Bash." The party to save rent control includes civic-minded entertainers like New Dealers, Cara Dura, Lodo y Asfolto, Madison, Het Huru Clan, Caira, DJ Pause, Mass Starr, DJ Wisdom, and DJ J. Boogie at the Justice League on Sunday, May 10, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $6-10; call 440-0409.

-- Silke Tudor

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